Hey, I’m Carina

I have always dreamed of being an entrepreneur and help others to reach their goals.

I am a born-and-raised Mexican girl, but I live in Vancouver, Canada now.

As a college student, I was running my own marketing research agency, with one of my school friends. We mainly focused on the pharmaceutical industry. It was challenging and fulfilling at the same time.

Then, there was an unexpected turn of events. Things went south, we got broken into and they took our equipment. On top of that, my friend decided to go back to school. To make matters worse, I broke up with my boyfriend and my car got stolen.

I knew I needed a big change, so I embarked in a 6-month trip to Canada. I arrived in Vancouver and traveled around BC and Alberta. I met then who is now my husband. Afterwards, I went back to Mexico and landed my dream job.

I was an executive for a marketing magazine and, although I was an employee, I felt like if it was my own business. I had a lot of freedom on how to do my job, and the company was open to my ideas. They took care of the logistics, printing and circulation of the magazine, payments and all the administrative stuff. Meanwhile, I was attending the clients, offering our magazine for their advertising.

3 years after, I got married to my boyfriend, yes, the one I had met during my trip, and I moved to Vancouver since he was living there.

While waiting for my immigration papers, I volunteered for a very small newspaper. My job was to create awareness of the newspaper, mainly by sponsoring multicultural festivals and events around Vancouver, in exchange for advertisement. I really enjoyed this venture since it resembled my job at the magazine.

Then, as soon as I was able to work legally, I got a regular job to secure some income, so we could start a family.

While working at a regular job and being a mom and a wife, I started working on some online projects. These included running e-com stores and helping local businesses with their online marketing.

Being involved in the online world made it more evident to me how much the technology and internet have changed the way we communicate and do business.

Nowadays, whether you are an individual, an entrepreneur, an artist, or a company, it is more important than ever to have an online presence.

However, with so much information out there, it has become a very challenging task to know where to start and which tools to use. Individuals and companies are knowledgeable about their craft but are not necessarily familiar with how to keep up with the online world.

My goal here is to share valuable online tools and services to help people like you to thrive.

Tools that will help you to build websites, create sales funnels, run your email marketing so you can follow your leads and customers, create your online courses, etc. and other resources that will help you with your online presence.

I’ll be with you all the way.
You’ve got this,

Carina Franco

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