Carina Franco

With the dream of being an entrepreneur and helping others, I started my own marketing research company with a college friend in Mexico.

Due to some setbacks, I decided to take a long trip through Canada, where I met who became my husband.

Once back in Mexico, I landed my dream job as an executive for a Marketing Magazine and, although I was an employee, I felt like if it was my own business, since I had a lot of freedom.

After 3 years, I moved back to Vancouver and while working a regular job, I started some online projects, from e-commerce to helping local businesses with their online marketing.

With the experience I got with my online projects, I was able to see how challenging it could be to find the right tools and resources to achieve an online presence.

My goal here is to share valuable online tools and services to help people like you to thrive.

Tools that will help you to build websites, create sales funnels, run your email marketing so you can follow your leads and customers, create your online courses, etc. and other resources that will help you with your online presence.

sharing my online business experience with you

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